Hairy situations Part I.

‘Nah man Mummy, you need to do something about that…” these words came from none other than my young adult son after closely scrutinizing my face and neck.  His tone was one of disgust.  Not one to take insults lightly, I took a quick check in the rearview mirror to see what was causing him to look at me with scorn.  Lo and behold I saw the culprits staring back at me.  I was also taken aback by the length and colour.  Two long black curly hairs had sprouted from the middle of my neck overnight.  It had to have been overnight because they were not there yesterday morning.  I swear yesterday there was no sign of this atrocity, my neck was bare. I check my neck all the time.  So when did this happen.  I swear the hair fairy is punishing me.  I mean who grows hair from the middle of their neck, apparently yours truly.  I don’t know about you, but I always have a cosmetic bag on my person and it has every imaginable thing in it.  So, I reached in and pulled out my handy tweezers and pulled those culprits right out.

Note to self: Check your face and neck on waking and before going to bed because trust and believe hairs grow overnight. Lesson to all: Always keep a pair of tweezers in your bag.

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