I love the outdoors, adventure and going to novel places once my knees approve and give me permission, I’m okay.

I took my mom and my youngest with me since he’s not old enough to protest just yet and he also loves to explore. Our destination – two of the many habitable islands off Trinidad’s north westerly coast, Gaspar Grande and Monos. We met at Alcan Bay and took a small boat across to our first stop, Gaspar Grande, the boat ride alone was so calming and therapeutic.  If you know me well you would the love affair I have with the ocean. It’s my pacifier.

Gaspar Grande, commonly called Gasparee is home to the Gasparee Caves which houses the most breath-taking and majestic stalactites and stalagmites. The tour was conducted by a member of the Chaguaramas Development Authority whose overall knowledge of the caves and history of the island was quite informative. However, the entire trip was hosted by RoadTripTT whose professionalism and level of care is unmatched.

Another short soothing boat ride again and we were on Monos Island for a refreshing dip or whatever suited your fancy. Whilst on this trip though I observed some things you should leave at home:

  • your pride
  • a bad attitude
  • your encyclopaedic brain, you weren’t voted tour guide of the group

Instead, here’s what you should take along:

  • the ability to listen and take instructions, it could save your life
  • a good attitude – you meet people from all walks of life, smile and be nice, they may be the ones to help you when you fall
  • teamwork – it really makes the dream work
  • an umbrella – I’m no Tanty Merle but having an umbrella would have prevented water from getting into my phone and then having to spend 200 USD to replace my screen☹
  • a headband – sweat and products got into my eyes causing severe eye irritation and blurred vision
  • a waterproof pouch – to put valuables (like your phone ☹)
  • kindness – be kind and considerate to your tripmates and help when you can

Overall, this experience was one of my best trips to date. Thank you RoadTripTT!

Get out there and do more of the things you love. Stop putting it off, Today is the day…


  1. Did the tour arrange getting to and from the island? How often do they run trips?

  2. Jacqueline C says:

    Gaspar Grande, commonly called Gasparee – it’s my first time hearing about this seemingly interesting place, and based on your write up I am anxious to visit there the next time I am in Trinidad. Thanks as always.

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