There is no more creative force in the world than the menopausal woman with zest.

Margaret Mead

We’re getting there

 On the heels of International Women’s Day, I am here doing back flips and cartwheels on hearing that Spain has joined a growing list of countries in granting menstrual leave to women for a maximum of three days. This is definitely a step in the right direction and it means somewhere, amidst countless board meetings, women’s voices roared over decades of remaining silent and policymakers finally listened.

If menstrual leave can be granted, then perimenopausal leave is equally important and should also be given.

What is stopping us here in the Caribbean from following suit? I wonder which country will be the first to take this bold step forward or are we still whispering behind closed doors and fanning sheepishly whilst mopping our sweaty faces and necks?

What steps can we take now to ensure that this happens in our generation so that our daughters and granddaughters will have an easier time:

  • Raise Awareness: One of the first steps in getting governments to show empathy towards women going through perimenopause is to raise awareness of the issue.
  • Collect Data: Collecting data on the prevalence and impact of perimenopause can be a powerful tool to convince policymakers to take action.
  • Advocate for Policy Change: Women’s rights organizations, health advocacy groups, and other stakeholders can advocate for policy change to support women going through perimenopause.
  • Involve Women in Policy Development: Women who have experienced perimenopause first-hand should be involved in the policy development process. Their input can provide valuable insights into the needs of women experiencing perimenopause and help ensure that policies are effective and responsive.
  • Build Coalitions: Building coalitions with other organizations that support women’s health and rights can help amplify the voices of those advocating for change. Working together can increase the impact of advocacy efforts and help get governments to show empathy toward women going through perimenopause.

What’s the one thing that you can do from the list above in your home, church, community, company or organization that can affect change toward women experiencing perimenopause?

For me, it is sharing my experience via blogging.

Choose ONE you can do and then go do it!


  1. You got that right Maria! It is my prayer that we don’t take too long in realizing that we need to support women in all their stages and phases.

  2. It certainly is good news. Europe is always a step ahead when it comes to health and social care. Some European countries allow up to two years maternity leave. Policies like that really support families. We all know a happy mum means a happy family.

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