(A.I.G.O) As I get older

Aging is an extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been.

David Bowie

I’ve noticed a couple things about myself as I get older. One is the C word. Convenience. I will go the extra mile and pay the extra cash for it. I neither have the time nor the energy. Time and energy are precious commodities that need to be guarded with my dear life.

Recently a cute diner opened close to me and it’s getting favourable reviews so whilst driving by I decided to pop in, that was until I saw the car park. Cars parked one behind the other vertically then there were cars that were horizontally blocking those. Forget it. I’m not circling and I don’t want to be stopped mid-bite to move my vehicle. That’s not going to happen.

It’s the same with grocery shopping, contending with high prices is already stressful so let me at least do so in comfort. Wide aisles with multiple cashiers are a thing for me, throw in covered parking and I am giddy with excitement.

Recently, some friends and I were contemplating how, without realizing it, we’ve become our mothers. How before we even leave the house, we’ve mapped out the drive in our heads and we’ve given ourselves enough time to get a decent park. If that’s not bad enough, we must get a comfortable seat that’s close to the aisle, the exit and you guessed it, the bathroom. All of these factors believe it or not contribute to my overall experience and enjoyment of an event.

On the topic of events, I can only manage one main event on the weekend. Two is pushing and if for a moment I forget my age and do three, well I will be in recovery for the rest of the week and this goes for my other friends as well. Mind you, none of these events can be on a Friday night, the tiredness of the week hits me so hard on a Friday evening, I’m yawning by eight. Happy hour and TGIF have taken all a whole new meaning.

True story. My girlfriends and I went out to a popular restaurant and lounge. And for a while, all I kept asking was ‘what’. When I got tired of that I started nodding and smiling at what I thought were appropriate times, hoping they didn’t notice. Listen, loud music at this stage of my life is for dancing and working out. We aren’t at a club. I don’t need to hear the throbbing sounds of bass while I eat. I need to hear what my friends are saying. I don’t want to have a stupid smile when they ask me something. Enough already!

I’m anxious to hear your ‘getting older’ stories 😊 Tell me in the comments.

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