My bursting heart must find vent at my pen.

Abigail Adams

This blog segues from my last, How it feels to be free, my aunt recently gifted me a journal, Write It Down – Let it Go, and it got me thinking about how many thoughts run through our minds daily. Experts estimate that we have an average of six thousand thoughts a day, some believe it’s a lot more. Can you imagine? And I believe when we worry about things, that number doubles or even triples.

Writing things down helps, and getting things out helps. Sometimes I feel as though my brain will explode with everything that is happening up there. I need an outlet to let it out, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Writing is an excellent tool to process things and gain clarity about how you feel. More often than not people do not get you, meanings are misconstrued, nuances vary and it becomes messy. Good news, there’s none of that when you write. It’s just pen, paper and you. And listen you don’t need fancy paper and pretty pens, all of that is fine, but I write on anything; my phone, the back of old envelopes, bills, inside covers of novels, random pieces of paper in my purse, you can find my scribbles anywhere.

There’s something liberating about getting your thoughts out of your head and putting them on paper. All that heavy stuff we carry around, things we can’t or won’t tell anyone. Things that hurt us, remembered pain from past experiences, pain that we thought we forgot. Get it out. Write! I warn you that you could become quite emotional because you will start to stir up things that you thought long buried. But stirring is good.

Writing purges.

Writing cleanses.

Writing heals.

Write it down – let it go!

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