I am hanging my head in shame as I write this blog. Why you may ask? Because after years of resistance I’ve succumbed to the pressure, all for the sake of comfort. I never thought that I would have given in, I believed that I would have held out till the very end. I called you the worst of names, vowing to never be one of your followers. I scorned the very presence of you in my home. That was until I slid my feet into you one day… and I was sold. Now, we are inseparable and go everywhere together. 

I am an official croc-wearer. I still don’t think they are the most attractive but I like them for their versatility and comfort, and I’ve reached the age where I prefer to be comfortable more than anything else. I got sold on the idea of getting a pair when I first saw my daughter in one. They looked cute on her feet and I wanted to borrow them to go run an errand. She bluntly refused and told me that I would stretch it out, by the way this is the same daughter who helps herself to every single thing I own without asking. Read more about our nonconsensual sharing here, Shareables anyone?          .

Initially, I wanted a pair of crocs to wear in the yard, next thing you know, I am wearing them to drive, wash the car, go to the supermarket, to the mall. I wear them everywhere, the only places I have not worn my crocs are to church and to work. But I’ve seen colleagues of mine wearing theirs to work so if you see me with them on don’t judge. You name it, you can do it in your crocs. I love the durability, the holes to let your feet breathe, the straps in the back. These croc designers thought of everything.

Crocs have taken the world by storm. I’ve seen everyone wearing them, from farmers to doctors, hairdressers to brides. When you think about it, who doesn’t like comfort? And if you want to give them some character you can add some gems and jibbitz. I saw some creatives who personalize crocs for a living. The possibilities are endless. Right now I only have one pair but I intend to get a few more.

POV: Don’t knock it till you try it.

Tell me in the comments, where do you wear your crocs?


  1. Rhonda says:

    Hi Leiba,
    I have never owned Crocs. I find them to be ugly foot wear. I notice it is the in thing these days; everyone is wearing them. Nevertheless, I have not been swayed to purchase a pair.
    My son is due back from Florida today. Guess what he got me? LOL …. Jibbitz and all. LOL. I guess I will be wearing Crocs now 😁

  2. Crystal says:

    I bought my first pair in 2017 when I saw a pair that was the kind of slippers I wear. I was surprised that it was a Crocs. When I wore it for the first time I said out loud, ”This is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn!” I’ve been sold ever since but I’ve never worn the original ones. Non believers check out the Crocs store in C3 or online for versatility.

  3. Anto says:

    Greetings Lieba!

    It’s a pleasure reading your posts. You are so real and honest with your views and take on things, especially on the way they affect you personally. This is one of those post that had me laughing from I started reading. I am one of those people who just personally can’t stand the look of Crocs. I’m not falling for the pressure. I will resist by any means necessary. To me just like Birkennstock, Uggs, and I think the one Kanye West has too, all these shoes like Crocs just look ugly, jibbitz or not. They make people feet look deformed. Hahahahaha!

    Now I’m not saying Crocs may not be comfortable. I give true mercy and grace to our beloved elders who have to wear shoes like Crocs. I know they need the comfort, and fashion is sometimes compromised for the bunions and aching feet. To people working and walking on their feet all day, I can fully understand the need. Little children who needs them for a quick go to shoe is fine. There is truly no event or place I haven’t seen Crocs, from the most elegant to the casual.

    To see every Tom, Dick, Harry, Man, Woman, Child, Ras, Gentile, Jew, Monk, Christian, Muslim, Afrikan Traditionalist and everyone under the sun wearing this shoe, I think its more a fad or fashion statement more than anything else. The prices and accessories for Crocs shoes also keeps rising. At the end of the day it is a piece of rubber shoes, that probably cause more toejam, and toenail fungus even with the holes.

    Pass your fingers between your toes, after you take off your Crocs and smell your fingers just to make sure you are not creating a science experiment. Crocs shoes I believe will make some people feet sweat. Adding socks to the nightmare to me is like putting your feet under incubation. I firmly believe that some of these people, just don’t even want to take the time to decide to wear a proper pair of shoes, sneakers, or slippers whatever time they start their day or night. Crocs People, please scrub, wash, rinse and sanitize your feet and Crocs often.

    Solely my point of view. LOL The garden is the perfect place to hide these ugly shoes. Just make a plant pot out of them or bury them under the dirt , Jibbitz and all. As a matter of fact use them as part of a scavenger hunt game in the garden for the kids. Just load them up with Jibbitz so the kids will think they are cute treasures lost in the soil. Other than that, I think we can truly keep Crocs in their lane.

    Thanks for the laughs. I love your Posts!

    Much Love & Respect!

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