Relaxation is not a luxury, but a necessity for a healthy mind, body, and soul.

– Susan Taylor

So, you know in the same way there is Pre-K just before toddlers attend kindergarten there should be post-K for people like me, who aren’t senior citizens but we aren’t exactly spring chickens either😉. Post-K would be a place to go where we can read, play games, have play dates, go on field trips, dance and have picnics in the park but most importantly take naps.

Post-K could really be a thing and viable investment opportunity. I get to meet with my friends, and after a few hours I would be back home.

Since retirement age is a still a ways off, I think post-K would be an excellent transition and something we should really push for.  The reason is the intense fatigue I often feel. This tiredness runs deeper than surface level, I feel it in my bones as well as my brain. Why do I feel so exhausted all the time? The hustle and bustle get to me now. I’m tired before I even get to work because of the traffic, and the heat makes things worse. Of course, being in the throes of perimenopause doesn’t help. I confided in a friend recently that for every three days of the week I work, I could stay home two, not because I am lazy but because I just need to rest.

This is why I am suggesting a post-K centre. Burn out is a real thing and by no means should be treated lightly. I would hear people boast of not taking days off after working for many years. Tell me why this should be celebrated? Since when busyness means productivity and rest means laziness? When did we adopt this mindset? We need to change that because ample rest yields great output. Now that you know, all in favour of a post-K center say AYE!

I am hearing resounding ‘AYES’ all the way over here!

So that settles it. The ‘AYES’ have it!

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