If I had to choose a superhero, it would be the Incredible Hulk? Why do you ask? I am awed by the transformation David Banner makes. One minute he’s the epitome of calm, cool and collected. And the next, he turns into this green raging monster complete with dilated pupils and gigantic muscles bursting out his clothes, stomping around and smashing things because of uncontrolled rage.  Next would come the infamous lines: “Don’t get me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” What does it for me is the intense effort he puts in to keep it together before utter chaos ensues. If ever there was a person who went from 0 to 100 really quick, it was David Banner.

Who knew that decades after I would become a live version of Hulk because of perimenopause?

Of all the hundreds of perimenopausal symptoms a woman could get, why does rage have to be one of them? And listen I’m not just talking about plain old rage. I’m talking about the uncontrollable blood-boiling kind. The kind that makes me want to “mash-up” and break things.

When I first started experiencing this, I thought maybe it could be anger management issues. But nah. It was happening much too often and I found myself having to apologize to colleagues for my unbecoming behaviour. Why did I feel like my blood was boiling because you said you were doing something and then you didn’t, or someone asking me an impertinent question.

Don’t judge me but having rage when you already get hangry coupled with the rage of perimenopause do not a pleasant combination make. Things can and do escalate very quickly. Ask my friends, they’ll tell you.

I know there are various things you can do to minimize the physical symptoms of perimenopause. But rage? How does one suppress perimenopausal rage? One minute you’re normal, and the next, you’re turning green with dilated pupils. Luckily for me those outbursts have left as quickly as they came, and I hope they never rear their green, muscled heads again.

If you have not experienced this ‘hulk’ syndrome I hope you never do. And if you have, below are a few articles that you may find helpful:



And please tell me in the comments, if you’ve ever turned green before 😊

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