Skipping to my Loo                                    

As I sit and write this, I am considering how to convert my loo into a liveable space. Why you may ask because it’s the only space where I get peace and quiet. Now with a 21- and 8-year-old, that’s a thirteen-year difference so one would think that it shouldn’t be too hard. Well think again because it’s easier said than done.

I thought that as they’re older now they have their distractions, sorry devices, they’re into their thing and I’m into mine. I should be left alone to read, relax or just do nothing. Is it because of my warm and engaging personality or is that I am manifesting an innate desire to be amongst kin despite my indifferent outlook. If you guessed yes for either, you are wrong on both counts.

If you know me you know that my need for solitude trumps all others. It’s how I regroup and centre myself to take on the world. I thought my children of all people would understand this because they spend the most time with me but apparently it has gone over their heads. It would be more tolerable if they came into my space and be quiet but no, it’s romping, playing Uno, pillow fights, quarrels, activities of which all are loud.

So, the loo is where I go now to get some privacy, make phone calls, and read chapters because when I close this door, I’m sure no one is going to follow me. No one dare open it and that’s a good thing.

If you have any ideas on how I can personalize my loo and make it reflect me, hit me up. I’ve already bought a lovely candle and I’m considering changing the lighting, maybe even throw in a lounge chair or two. In the interim I’m hoping the 21-year-old reads this and takes a hint…

Do any other moms have this problem? Tell me in the comments…

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